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  • Are Shade Clouds easy to set up?
    Yes! The first time you set up your Shade Cloud, it may take you a bit longer, but after a couple of times, two people should be able to set it up in about 20 minutes. Taking it down is even faster. One person can also set it up on their own, and we will include some tips on this in the manual you will receive.
  • Can I have a fire under my Shade Cloud?
    Yes. We do it all the time, but don’t make your fire too large. Also, expect that the underside of your Shade Cloud will likely get some soot on it.
  • Do you make “walls” to enclose the ends of the Shade Clouds?
    Yes! A wall on one or both ends of your Shade Cloud will greatly increase the usable area and also provide additional protection from wind and rain. Loops along the top edge of each wall and along the edge of the overhead portion of the Shade Cloud allow you to more tightly connect the Shade Cloud and wall. Walls are typically made from white canvas to allow more light in. We can also sew custom walls with the fabric of your choice.
  • Will my Shade Cloud fit on top of my car roof rack?
    Yes, depending on how long your poles are (...and only if you take it down first).
  • Do you supply poles?
    We do not supply poles. We suggest you use wooden poles no less than 2” diameter at the top of the pole and free of cracks, rot or anything else that compromises the integrity of the pole strength. It's also possible to use dimensional lumber. The height of the poles depends on personal preference. When you order your Shade Cloud we will give you details on what types of poles and stakes to purchase and where to find them.
  • What about line and stakes?
    We do sell line, in the correct weights and lengths you will need, as well as line tighteners. The line we use is sisal (Hennequin, agave fiber) because of its strength and natural look. We do not ship stakes because of their weight, and instead will provide you with information on suppliers we use for good quality stakes.
  • Where can I get “dog bones” (line tighteners)?
    We have them available for sale or you can make them yourself. A diagram is included in your Shade Cloud manual that shows details.
  • Do you make custom sizes?
    Yes! Please contact us to talk about your specific needs.
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