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Standard Sizes

Cirrus Plus (Extra Large)
Fabric Size: 17' x 24'
Covered Area: 17' x 20'
Covered Seating Area: 17' x 17'

Cirrus (Large)
Fabric Size: 14' - 16' (depending on fabric) x 24'
Covered Area: 14' - 16' x 20'
Covered Seating Area: 14' - 16' x 17'

Cumulus (Medium)
Fabric Size: 11' - 13' (depending on fabric) x 20'
Covered Area: 11' - 13' x 15'
Covered Seating Area: 11' - 13' x 12'

Stratus (Small)
Fabric Size: 8.5' - 9.5' (depending on fabric) x 16'
Covered Area: 8.5' - 9.5' x 12'
Covered Seating Area: 8.5' - 9.5' x 9'


Which material is best for you? Your decision will be based on how often you will use your Shade Cloud, the climate in which it will be used, how much you have to spend and whatever strikes your fancy. There are many factors that will affect the longevity of your shelter but here are some guidelines:
12.63 ounce Sunforger
See the above description of Sunforger. The 12.63 oz Sunforger is the heavier version and is available in Natural, Khaki, Suntan, and Pearl Grey. The colored Sunforger is dyed with mineral pigments that make it slightly more U.V. resistant than the natural, un-dyed fabric. 12.63 oz. canvas will last longer than the 10.10 oz. canvas.
10.10 ounce Sunforger
Sunforger is a treated, very tightly woven, preshrunk canvas. Most commercial tipis and wall tents are made of this fabric. The 10.10 oz Sunforger is a lighter weight cotton canvas available in Natural, an off-white color. Sunforger is a good choice if you plan to have your shelter up for many months of the year and especially in wetter climates.


Want longer sides on your Shade Cloud so the sides come closer to the ground? We offer what we call  “sideburns” and they come as a 36” (full) or 18” (half) added length to each side of the shelter. Their best use is when you are looking for added protection from the cold as they reduce the amount of air coming in under the sides.
We offer walls and half walls for the ends of your Shade Cloud. Walls extend the amount of shade and covered area of the Shade Cloud by quite a bit. The wall fits on the outside of the Shade Cloud line, so the wall doesn’t just come straight down from the edge of the shelter but is angled outward at the bottom to provide significantly more room. Walls typically come in a natural 10.10 oz. untreated canvas to allow for more light to enter the shelter and to reflect the heat. Please contact us to inquire about walls being made from something other than 10.10 oz. untreated fabric. 
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